Professional Development

In addition to Neuroscience program resources and activities there are many professional development opportunities available for graduate students at the University of Arizona to expand and enhance your training.

Many resources are centered at the Graduate Center that is run by the Graduate College. Especially check out the Graduate Center Resources page and the Graduate Center Calendar of upcoming professional development events.

The UA College of Science Graduate Minor or Certificate in Science Communication require three electives to be taken at any time before graduation. The goal of this program is to train future science professionals in the skills needed to communicate effectively. This program is also open to postdoctoral fellows, who can use the Qualified Tuition Reduction (QTR) benefit to take courses at a discounted rate.

University of Arizona Resources

The University of Arizona has many resources to allow students to develop skills that will benefit them during their graduate education and their future career. These resources include writing resources, teaching workshops and seminars, and information on where students can learn to expand their language abilities.

External Resources

Other graduate training opportunities include: