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Samer Masri

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Completed Degrees: 
B.S. - Neuroscience - Interdisciplinary Physics - University of Michigan
Bao Lab
Rotation Labs: 
Fellous Lab, Cowen Lab, Khanna Lab
Research Interests: 
The intersection of critical period cortical plasticity and contextual modulation of cortical processing in is poorly understood. Interneuron activity, specifically feedforward inhibition activated by the thalamocortical relay, is critical in transforming cortical processing on both developmental and behavioral timescales, but the mechanisms are as yet unknown.
Research Summary: 
My research is focused on circuit-level mechanisms of cortical plasticity and contextual modulation of cortical processing. Primary auditory cortex offers an excellent target for such questions. My experimental paradigm involves acute extracellular recordings in A1, employing auditory stimulation, optogenetics, and closed-loop control of Parvalbumin-expressing interneurons simultaneously.

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