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Kelsey Nation

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Last Name: 
Completed Degrees: 
B.S. Biology, Texas A&M University- College Station, TX
Dr. Frank Porreca
Rotation Labs: 
Dr. Frank Porreca, Dr. Greg Dussor, Dr. Jean-Marc Fellous
Medical Pharmacology
Research Interests: 
Functional pain syndromes, migraine, pain modulation
Research Summary: 
The goal of my research is to identify the neural mechanisms underlying the loss of diffuse noxious inhibitory controls (DNIC), a pain modulatory system that has been found to be deficient in many functional pain syndromes and to use the information gathered about these mechanisms to develop new therapeutic targets for the treatment of functional pain syndromes. I am currently investigating the role of the kappa opioid system in the loss of DNIC using rat and mouse models.
Nation K., De Felice M., Hernandez P., Dodick D., Neugebauer V., Navratilova E., Porreca F. Lateralized kappa opioid receptor signaling from the amygdala central nucleus promotes stress-induced functional pain. Pain. Jan 23 2018. Published online ahead of print.
Atcherley C., Nation K., De Felice M., Xie J., Ossipov M., Dodick D., Porreca F. Central circuits promoting chronification of migraine. Chapter 8 in Neurobiological Basis of Migraine. 1st ed. (2017). John Wiley & Sons Inc. Hoboken, NJ, USA.
Lines J., Nation K., Fellous JM. Dorso-ventral and proximo-distal hippocampal processing account for the influences of sleep and context on memory (re)consolidation: A connectionist model. Computational Intelligence and Neuroscience. 2017; 2017:8091780.
Nation K., Birge A., Lunde E., Cudd T., Goodlett C., Washburn S. Video-based data acquisition system for use in eye blink classical conditioning procedures in sheep. Behavior Research Methods. 2017; 49(5):1838-1851.
Carter Travel Award Fall 2017
NRSC Travel Award 2017
Galileo Circle Scholar 2016

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