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Jeremiah Morrow

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First Name: 
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Completed Degrees: 
BA Psychology (Major), Neuroscience (Minor)
Rotation Labs: 
Fuglevand, Allen, Gothard, Lane
Research Interests: 
I am interested in how emotion impacts physiology and ultimately modulates responses to the environment.
Research Summary: 
I study how the brain generates and expresses emotional states. Currently, my research centers on how the amygdala processes tactile stimulation. Touch can be a potent stimulus for eliciting emotional responses but the way in which animals process the affective component of touch is largely unknown. Alterations in the way touch is perceived is also a common feature of mental and developmental disorders (e.g., autism). To help further our understanding of the affective processing of touch, our lab is exploring how the amygdala responds to a variety of tactile stimuli delivered to various locations on the face or body.

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