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Travel Awards



Through a generous donation from Fine Science Tools, the Neuroscience program provides students travel awards each academic year.  Travel award requests are typically due in August.  To submit a request for 2017-2018, please include the following information.

If you will be presenting at a conference and would like to request funds please send the following details to
- Name and location of conference
- Abstract (if applicable)
- Dates of conference
- Anticipated budget and amount requested
- Other potential funding sources
Please note that you must be in good standing with the program to be eligible to receive funds.

For more information contact Kirsten Cloutier Grabo at

2016 Recipients:
Daniel Gray, Society for Neuroscience, "Age related reduction in signal-to-noise ratio of sharp-wave ripple oscillations following behavior in aged rats"
Samer Masri, Society for Neuroscience, "Distortion of tonotopic maps in auditory cortex of rats following blast exposure"
Cesar Medina, Society for Neuroscience, "Role of alpha-synuclein in Area X of adult male xebra finches: implications for acoutstic variability in birdsong"
Matthew Schmit, Society for Neuroscience, "Directional propagation of ketamine-induced high-frequency oscillations between the striatum, hippocampus, and motor cortex"
Lisa So, Society for Neuroscience, "Begavioral regulation of dopamine bio markers in Area X of adult male zebra finch songbirds"

2015 Recipients:
Elliot Imler, Society for Neuroscience, "A Drosophila model of CLN4B, a neurodegenerative autosomal dominant adult-onset Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis, linked CSPa's chaperone activity to toxicity"
Sarah MacNamee, Society for Neuroscience, "Drosophila astrocytes transport glutamate at identified synapses"
Adam Lester, Society for Neuroscience, "Age-related changes in external cue-based navigation in the medial entorhinal-hippocampal network"
Daniel Gray, Society for Neuroscience, "Behavioral evidence for enhanced interference during working memory and associative learning tasks in aged macaques"

2014 Recipients:
Lilian Patron, Society for Neuroscience, "Drosophila WDR40A is critical for synaptic growth and neurotransmitter release at the neuromuscular junction"
Jean-Paul Wiegand, Society for Neuroscience "Age-related changes in high-frequency local field activity in the rodent hippocampus during ripple and inter-ripple periods"
Gabriella Wolff, Society for Neuroscience, "Genealogical correspondence of learning and memory centers across phyla"


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